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External workforce management: Checklists & best practices

Independent Contractor Engagement Checklist

Reporting and communications schedules, explaining when and how you want to be updated on progress.Performance management process. Explain how you’ll measure each contractor’s performance and explain the key metrics.

  • Onboarding ensures a faster track to productivity for external workers and fewer overheads for the HR team.
  • An alternative is to use a contractor management outsourcing provider to take care of your contractors for you.
  • Learn how to simplify talent engagement through compliant solutions built for enterprise scale.
  • Services performed after June 3, 2021 shall follow the requirements of the new IC process.
  • Complete control over work method, complete control over work product and complete control over training.
  • What risks do employers face under the Unemployment Insurance Code for not properly classifying employees?

Worker misclassification can result in a number of problems for you as an employer. For example, misclassification of independent contractors can leave you open to an employee misclassification lawsuit. This can result in hefty fines and penalties, especially if you fail to pay the correct minimum wage or provide owed holidays or neglect to pay the right taxes to state and federal governments. One of the most important business strategies remote businesses must develop is their hiring strategy, specifically whether to hire employees or independent contractors. As previously discussed, this decision has the potential to present significant legal ramifications. From taxation, to benefits, to termination liability, employees and independent contractors are treated differently in the eyes of the law.

Multiplier eliminates all risks with onboarding and paying contractors

Use the People Ops methodology to set your new employees up for success. About Zenefits HR Streamline hiring, Independent Contractor Engagement Checklist onboarding, and employee documentation into your workflow. Get it done quickly and accurately, every time.

Independent Contractor Engagement Checklist

Contracts Involving Use or Purchase of Facilities, Furniture, and Campus Spaces. All contracts that require use of specific campus spaces or facilities , or involve the use or purchase of furniture, must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Facilities prior to contract execution. In-house employees usually have a great sense of loyalty toward your business.


An independent contractor onboarding helps you and the hiring manager guide them through introductory training and basic company processes. Planning ahead about how you will be providing access to the right tools, security, and communication channels significantly saves a lot of time. Does the worker have a significant investment (capital, equipment, licensing, etc.) in his/her business? Typically, employers provide employees with facilities, tools, materials and other equipment. When the worker invests in these assets, there is a tendency to indicate independent contractor status. The following procedure is a required component of this policy, and includes all the steps a manager must take in order to properly identify and engage an independent contractor.

If an employee specialized in one area of, for example, human resources, that employee would be subject to the 12-month restriction from all areas of human resources. If a campus https://wave-accounting.net/ academic administrator managed the Business school, s/he could not contract for work developing a business curriculum. This violates the CSU Conflict of Interest Code.


When hiring a contract worker, taking these steps to clarify the business relationship is the best way to move forward. Use an Appointment Form in the HR Transaction System on the Employee Self Service site. An I-9 Employment Eligibility form should be obtained and appropriate taxes withheld from payments to the employee. Can workers be considered employees under California law if they are not considered employees under federal law? Workers may be considered employees and have protections under California law, even if they are determined not to be employees under federal law. This is because the tests used to determine employee status under California law differ from the tests used under federal law, such as the federal Fair Labor Standards Act . What are the tax implications if a worker is classified as an independent contractor for federal tax purposes and employee for California tax purposes?

Is intended as payment to a Princeton University employee or an individual who was employed by the University during the current calendar year. Special payment arrangements need to be clearly stated on the Purchase Requisition to ensure the Independent Contractor is promptly paid. The Independent Contractor performs the service in accordance with the Agreement and is paid after the service has concluded. Explore state-of-the-art residence halls, dining options, student organizations, health services, campus recreation and other activities.

Independent Contractor Engagement Checklist

Oyster enables hiring anywhere in the world—with reliable, compliant payroll, and great local benefits and perks. The information provided in the MBO Blog does not constitute legal, tax or financial advice. It does not take into account your particular circumstances, objectives, legal and financial situation or needs. Before acting on any information in the MBO Blog you should consider the appropriateness of the information for your situation in consultation with a professional advisor of your choosing.

Independent Contractor Engagement Checklist

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